Pongo London

Rebranded as Bassini Elevating Cyclist Style On and Off the Bike

the Brand

Pongo London embodies the spirit of passionate cyclists who see cycling not just as a sport but as a way of life. Rooted in the belief that cycling is a lifestyle, the brand is dedicated to providing cyclists with high- quality socks that enhance both their on-bike performance and off-bike style.


Pongo London's approach revolves around the idea that every aspect of cycling, including apparel, contributes to the overall experience. Recognizing the importance of socks in both performance and style, the brand aims to offer cyclists a range of premium-quality socks designed to elevate their look and enhance their comfort on every ride.


Pongo London wanted some Shopify theme design changes and help with marketing. This digital presence enabled the brand to connect with its target audience, provide a seamless shopping experience, and showcase its commitment to cyclist style and performance. We’ve also helped them get a new USD store developed.


The brand's dedication to cyclist style and performance has resonated with cyclists worldwide, earning Pongo London a loyal following and positive reviews. By providing cyclists with stylish and functional socks, Pongo London has become synonymous with quality and style in the cycling community, enhancing the overall experience for riders everywhere.

Pongo London took deliberate steps to curate a collection of socks that not only prioritize performance and comfort but also reflect the unique style and personality of cyclists.

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